Tour update

22 February 07

While things have been quiet over the winter months, Silber are gearing up for a busy summer with concerts being lined up now. One date is currently set for the 1st of March and more will be added to the tourdate section. In other news, Hier und Jetzt has been recieving great reviews in many music magazines. If you have yet to get your copy, the music must be heard to be believed.

Hier und Jetzt Lyrics online

10 September 06

The lyrics for Hier und Jetzt are now online and can be found here. Anyone wishing to help with translations please contact us. Also, the Official Site has just been relaunched and is worth checking out. We also have a new Hier und Jetzt player where you can listen to the full versions of 'Dies ist unser Tag' and 'Willkommen in meiner Welt'

28 August 06

Good news to many English speaking fans out there. Hier und Jetzt is now up for pre-order on! No excuses about not being able to understand the order page! Pre-order your copy now.

One more week..

25 August 06

Due to an illness of the promoter, the release has been pushed back by one week to the 22nd of September. It's unfortunate, but after 3 years what's one week more to wait. All the cds are ready and waiting to be released. If you haven't pre-ordered your copy yet then now's the chance on

Small delay but 2 new songs

25 July 06

Unfortunately ther has been a slight delay with the album release date. The date has now been pushed back to the 15th of September and this date is set in stone. To help with the extra 20 days wait, we have for you two full version songs from the new album avaliable for your listening pleasure on the Silber Myspace profile. The two songs are "Willkommen in Meiner Welt" and "Dies ist Unser Tag". Enjoy!

Hier Und Jetzt!!

20 July 06

Silber's new album titled 'Hier Und Jetzt' is just over a month away from release. With the Silber machine in full swing we are proud to present to you the re-designed complete with Hier und Jetzt album theme. All new features include an International Silber Forum, wallpapers, more photos and few other things to keep you entertained. We hope you enjoy this new look site and keep checking back for regular updates on Hier Und Jetzt.

Album release date!!

10 May 06

Silber are delighted to bring you the news that a release date has finally been set for the new album. The release of the yet to be named album will be the 15th of September. While plans were originally to release the album around now, it was decided to wait untill after the Football world cup. If you happen to be in Köln on the 25th of this month then head down to the "Blue Shell" club where Silber will be performing their new songs live for the first time. If you were wondering what label the band is with now, then we are delighted to tell you that the band has formed their own label "connectedways.records" and all promotion will be managed by ZYX.

Stay tuned for more news..

New CD update

25 February 06

Yes, the news you have all been waiting for. Silber has found a new record label and the new album will be released within the next few months. There is no date currently set, but keep checking back or sign up to the newsletter to hear the news as soon as it comes through. Right now the band is just putting the finishing touch's to the album cover and we are putting the finishing touch's to the new look site. It's all go in the world of Silber, so stay tuned.

Merry Christmas

08 December 05

On behalf of and Silber we hope you all have a Merry Christmas. While things haven't gone the way we planned this year we are ready for the new year. For all the fans out there that have supported Silber through this tough time we thank you. 2006 is a new year and new Silber music will be heard, your patience will be rewarded. Never forget:

Die Zukunft ist Silber...

New album samples online

29 July 05

With the delays in the new album, it has been decided to release a little teaser clip from the upcoming album. On this sampler you will find snippets from two songs "Dies ist Unser Tag" and "Unendlich". With extra delays in finding a new record contract, there is still no set date for the album release.

Click here to download new album samples.

Trying to find the Silber cd?

29 April 05

There has been a few fans asking for locations on where to purchase the Silber cd. We have now compiled a list of online stores which stock Silber CD's. These stores can now be found under the links section. We hope to set up an online store here at when the new cd is released.

Album complete

26 February 05

Production of the new album is finally complete right up to the artwork. But, Silber have seperated with their former record label Sanctuary and are currently in negotiations with a few labels so the release will be put back a few weeks. This new label wil mean better promotion and distribution than the previous. Stay tuned

Interview questions for Silber
16 February 05

With the release of Silber's 2nd album coming up soon. will be conducting an interview with Silber guitarist Guido. And the great thing is, you the fans can choose the questions. So if you'd like to ask Silber a question, please use the contact form to send in your questions. The interview will be conducted when the new album is released and will be posted here.

Message from Silber

20 December 04

We have taken large steps in our mixing process, meanwhile we have chosen which songs will be on the cd and which will not. The album will offer a mixture from straight to groovy rock numbers. Everything sounds very fresh and alive - we are the absolutely positive that this will become our best CD! Momentarily we have a surrounding field of great people, which support us, and which an absolutely perfect picture the final product results in. For the remainder of 2004 not much will happen, also our Studio work begins only again at the beginning of 2005, until the middle of January we should however have everything so far completely finished. We wish you up to then all to party, celebrate extensively and excessively...
All good,

Unreleased b-side and album progress

06 August 2004

You can now download a previously unreleased song from Silber's self titled debut album. The name of the song is called "Kalt wie Eis" and was produced in 2002.
As for progress on the new album, it has been slightly delayed a little while longer while some unforseen studio issuse have come about. But to give you an idea of what to expect, the new album has reportably used no keyboards "to create a very pure sound that is totally new and direct".
Stay tuned for more

Download Kalt wie Eis here

Studio in reconstruction

08 August 04

Progress on the new Silber CD has been temporarily put on hold as reconstuction of the recording studio is undertaken. The new mixing console was to big for the room, so once contruction has been completed, the finishing touches on the album will be finished

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